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Tomato Glasses | Specialized for kids and babies

We are the authorized distributor of Tomato Glasses, which make glasses for babies and kids. Tomato glasses are very light glasses, the weight is less than 8.0g. With lightness comes comfort and the tips are adjustable to fit each child’s head perfectly

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Pediatric Eyecare of Northern Jersey
Tel:(201) 541-6806

CE certification / FDA Registration

According with the European Union directive 93/42/EEC (Medical Device), TOMATO GLASSES passed all the tests describe on the norm ISO 12870:2004, we are allow to apply the CE Marking

Shape intelligence

Tomato glass frames are made from a shape intelligent material

Anti-Slip design

With its' unique nose pad and tips built by our R&D team, the frames do not slide down even when kids jump or run